Teaching Strategies and Lesson Plans

Find comprehensive advice on CORES lesson planning! Here you can also access general reading, comprehesion practice, teaching materials, and lesson plans for ESL & citizenship.

Begin the lesson by going over the learning objectives with your students, translating into Spanish when necessary.

Use Modeling - On the first day of class, introduce yourself to your students, and ask them to introduce themselves to you in turn. After the first day, greet students and ask them to greet you in return. Spend a few minutes going back and forth and practicing these interactions. Then, ask your students to introduce themselves to one another or greet each other. Chances are, the students will be familiar with basic introductions and greetings (if they are not, take some additional time on this exercise). However, they may have questions about the meaning of the words they use as well as questions regarding pronunciation. It is imperative that you address these questions.

Write what is spoken - As you model introductions, make sure that you are writing words up either on the whiteboard or on a piece of paper so that your students can practice spelling and reading. Many have very limited exposure to the written word. Also, it will serve you to take the time to practice writing words with your students so that they will have the opportunity to practice. Remember that our ultimate goal is to prepare students for the citizenship exam, where they will be asked to demonstrate literacy. It is imperative that we begin investing in their literacy even at the earliest stages of language learning.

It is difficult if not impossible to really "teach" students vocabulary. It is important to introduce new words to them and to provide them with helpful associations that will aid them in the process of memorization. As teachers, we can also use class time to increase their exposure to new words through creating activities and games to be completed together. However, it must be stressed to them that completion of homework is necessary to success.

These charts will be an essential part of language learning. You will complete charts in class and students will be asked to complete them for homework. It is important that you drill correct conjugation into your students' minds and then assess student progress with exercises and games.

Because of the patchy nature of student attendance and the nature of our program, there will be a lot of review and even re-teaching each week. However, having a standardized system will allow us to do the best that we can in circumstances that are less than ideal...

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